Rogue and Blacklisted Gambling Sites

Online gambling is largely a self-regulated industry that relies on reputation and word-of-mouth to separate the good online gambling websites from the bad. The long-distance nature of online gambling has proven attractive to a few gambling sites that think they can run a shoddy operation and take advantage of players in faraway locations.

Top Rated Gambling Websites

We don’t say this to alarm anyone, by the way. The vast majority of gambling websites are perfectly safe places to play. We know of many big-name gambling sites that have been paying their winners for nearly two decades now. However, there are some smaller operations out there that have been known to rip their players off.

One way in which the online gambling community deals with shady betting sites is by creating blacklists of rogue internet gambling sites. These rogue and blacklisted gambling sites receive negative press in the gambling world, stop getting business and are eventually forced out of business. The word of mouth is a powerful tool in the fight for safe online gambling.

Lists of Rogue Gambling Sites

Various lists have been created with the intention of warning players about rip-off gambling sites. Two of the most well-known and up-to-date gambling blacklists include the following:

These two online gambling websites keep the most thorough list of rogue and blacklisted gambling websites on the internet. If you ever have a question about a gambling site, you can visit both or either one of these pages to find out more. It only takes a few seconds to check but it could potentially save you major headaches down the line.

The above two websites do a great job keeping their blacklists up to date. We don’t plan on offering a similar blacklist here because SBR and Casino Meister are already doing a great job. Go ahead and bookmark both of those websites for future use.

One of the interesting things about these two rogue gambling site blacklists is that there are varying levels of rogue. For example, some of the gambling sites are simply not recommended because they are slow to pay or offer substandard customer support. Other online casinos and gambling sites get a much more serious designation due to simply refusing to pay players their winnings or for closing shop, keeping all deposits and then reopening under a different name.

We want to stress again that although this is a frightening topic of discussion, most online gambling sites are safe places to play. This is especially true if you stick with large, long-term gambling sites that are well known in the industry. For the most part, the trouble begins when you start playing at gambling sites that you’ve never heard of before or that use strange, oddball names (for example Orangegamez Casino).

In addition to rogue lists and blacklists, your own common sense will go a long ways in keeping you safe when gambling on the internet. If something seems fishy or off in some way, take a few seconds to stop and think about what the problem may be. And remember – it only takes a few seconds to check either of the above blacklists for any specific gambling site.