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One of the keys to success with choosing online gambling websites is information. There’s a lot of gambling information on the internet, but it can be difficult to sort the truly useful information from all the other garbage that pollutes the internet. It seems like cheap affiliate sites come a dime a dozen, but truly useful online gambling resources are another story.

The purpose of this page is to list some of the best online gambling resources. These resources serve a variety of different purposes, but the one thing they all have in common is high quality information. Visit any of these gambling resources for the best gambling information the internet has to offer.

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Player Forums

Online gambling forums are one of the best places to go for unbiased information. Members of forums discuss all variety of topics from the comfort of complete anonymity. The information you get from online gambling forums is a lot more unbiased than your average affiliate site. If a big gambling site stops providing quality service, forum posters are the first people to mention it in the public realm.

Forums give you information straight from actual players. These aren’t people being paid to promote certain casinos; they are simply there to post about their experiences. Information isn’t censored, so that helps a lot as well. The one downside to player forums is that it can be a free-for-all with a lot of ridiculous posts and uninformed posters.

Despite any weaknesses, player forums still serve an important role in the online gambling world. If you want unbiased opinions and information that comes straight from real people, forums are the place to go. This information is completely unfiltered, so as long as you take everything you read with a grain of salt, you’ll find player forums highly useful.  Some of the best gambling websites with player forums are listed below:

2p2 Gambling Forums - CasinoMeister Players Forum - Sportsbook Review Forums


Watchdogs are player advocate groups whose goal it is to keep players safe. These watchdog groups try to build close relationships with online gambling sites and players at the same time. Watchdog groups look out for low quality gambling sites and scams, then create blacklists of rogue gambling sites. Today, there are a couple of pretty reliable watchdog groups.

Gambling watchdog groups rely entirely on their reputation to have any influence in the online gambling world. If the players trust the watchdog group, then people are likely to listen to what the group says. This creates an incentive for gambling sites to form relationships with the watchdog groups. As with any group that involves humans, corruption is always a concern in regards to online gambling watchdog groups.

Credible News Sources

High quality gambling news organizations break important stories before anyone else. These stories can be very important and have an immediate impact on individual players. For example, a credible news source might be able to provide players with ample warning before a major payment processor goes under.

The main thing to look for in credible gambling news sources is reliable information and timely information. Quality gambling news resources stick to the facts and avoid speculation or sensational headlines. Additionally, credible news sources do their own research and dig up news on their own. These are more than just simple rehashes of news stories that have been released elsewhere.